The secret to successful business selling is…. Price

Ensuring your business valuation is realistic is a critical part of the selling process.

If the asking price is too high then the result will be no interest and no buyers which in turn leads to frustration for the business seller.

However if you set the asking price too low then not only will you not be realising the full potential out of selling your business which can be extremely disappointing for the business seller, particularly if it is a sale for retirement.

We are fully aware that ‘Price drives demand’ which is why our experienced valuers who see thousands of businesses each year, employ all of our 50 years of experience in ensuring that our Business Valuations are an accurate and realistic reflection of the businesses worth.

Consequently we achieve successful sales.

If you are looking at selling your business and have a dream of where you want to be 5 years from now!

Let Everett Masson & Furby drive your dream to reality.

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