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In today’s economic climate it is important that you take advantage of the experience of our business finance specialists. The Everett Masson & Furby experts are arranging business funding packages on a daily basis whether its for new purchases, or refinancing all types of businesses and commercial property.

Successfully obtaining business funding or refinancing for a purchase requires skill, knowledge and experience. Our finance specialists have the knowledge, connections within the lending institutions and a thorough understanding of the lender's borrowing criteria. Lenders need a well thought out and fully documented business funding proposal which our business finance team will help you achieve.

Every business funding proposition is unique. A successful business finance package needs a blending of security, sector experience and ability to service the borrowing. It may also need some lateral thinking to make a deal succeed where others may fail.

So we recommend that you take the opportunity of discussing your proposal with us at an early stage and we can then indicate the likely business finance available.

Let's talk today call us on 01404 813952 or contact your local office here.

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